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Preparing for CES 2013

We’re headed off to CES 2013 to get the inside scoop on the latest devices and displays so we can report back on how it will affect web development standards in 2013. We’ve already seen a lot of new devices adopting retina displays at various resolutions, and we expect the trend to continue. We also […]

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3d tech for the web?

We’re curious as to how the 3d web is going to look, as it’s one potential direction for browsing to take. How exactly would 3d websites interact with users differently? By wearing 3d glasses (or using a native 3d display), the user can see an additional dimension – this allows us to present information in […]

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Prepping for the semantic web

What does it mean when a computer can discern the actual meaning of a phrase? It means a lot more meaningful material. Okay, enough alliteration – the semantic web is coming sooner than you might imaging, which is why it’s important to start reviewing your site’s content now. While semantic search technology may be 5+ […]

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Analysis of our 2012 logs

Server logs tell us so much: browser usage, screen resolution statistics, visitor geography, files viewed, keyphrases, etc. You probably already knew this, so I won’t go into much more detail. What we explore in this article is one year of server log statistics for OptimoStrategy.com – which uses wordpress as a platform. We’re by no […]

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Retina design is now standard

The future of displays is clear: high res, high pixel density. It’s what the people demand – retina displays capable of  300+ pixels per inch. So what are the implications? Not having retina graphics can leave your website’s image assets looking blurry on a retina display such as the iPad or the latest smartphones. So […]

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The rise of responsive design and the death of the mobile version

Responsive design is important and it leads to better, more thought out web experiences that have more forward compatibility than non responsive design. Having a separate, mobile version of a website is already outdated in our opinion. What makes a responsive website intrinsically better than a mobile version? For one: more continuity, secondly: future compatibility. […]

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